Just thought that I'd start this PERMA WIKI article with something small; to encourage folks like you to help with it's progress. I'm over the moon with this WIKI software

The development of all permaculture wiki project[s] can only be achieved with people recommending/sending various permaculture wiki sites (like this one) to everyone they can, so they can discover and build it; forging new frontiers !!

One exciting thing for me however is that - The Permaculture Association of Tasmania (P.A.T) is working very hard to bring EVERY permaculture wiki website together, globally; in one place; through linking them through our website. This particular dream will only be achieved with the help of everybody (like yourself) putting their favorite links, websites, articles etc.. up on the Perma Wiki page[s]

PAT's ultimate wiki motherboard; will help make it a reality found here

The PAT Wiki is an online communal resource dedicated to providing up-to-date, relevant information regarding the Global Permaculture scene. PAT's site provides detailed articles on Permaculture media, books, teachers, courses, workshops, lectures, and every place we can find on the internet related to permaculture.

The PAT Wiki has been gaining momentum since its foundation on March 11, 2006, and now has well over 1000 weblinks connecting the largest permaculture gallery in online existence, as well as a growing online store and forum.

The PAT Wiki also provides current permaculture news, breaking many stories before other well-known sources, on-top of promoting all our associated permaculture brothers and sisters worldwide; so come on and join us in helping us Perma Wiki be an important link in this chain.


Tom (Secretary - PAT Inc.) - email not active.

See also Edit

  • Appropedia wiki for permaculture, appropriate technology, renewable energy etc.

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