Taranaki Environment Centre is a permaculture project based in New Zealand.


A Sustainable Taranaki where economics arrangements invest in resilient communities.


To cultivate a culture of sustainability in transition towards that vision through; (1) Demonstration: compelling examples of sustainable systems, (2) Education: raising awareness, and (3) Networking: connecting communities.

Guiding PrinciplesEdit

The way we frame our actions. (1) Delivering Integrated Outcomes (2) A Solution-based Response (3) A Whole Community Approach (4) Towards action in Partnership.


Energy, waste, water, Biodiversity, Buildings, Soil and Health, Enviroschools, Eco-entrepreneurs, Sustainable Living, Permaculture Design Courses, Taranaki Green Guide, Environaki Website.

The TEC accepts national and international volunteers and interns wanting to experience a culture of sustainability in action.

External linkEdit

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