I can't edit this page -- can someone with rights please exercise their apostrophe at the following locations.

sub-heading: 'the free permaculture designers manual' becomes 'the free permaculture designers' manual'

links: 'Permaculture | Designer's Zone ...' becomes 'Permaculture | Designers' Zone ...' (unless the intent is to imply a single designer, in which case I'm possibly on the wrong wiki ;)

heading: 'Whats it all about?' becomes 'What's it all about?'

sub-heading: '... human habitats by following natures patterns.' becomes '... human habitats by following nature's patterns.'

paragraph under 'what's it all about': '... growing collaborative Permaculture Designers Manual' becomes '... growing collaborative Permaculture Designers' Manual'

I've unprotcted it so you can edit it now. Angela (talk) 05:39, 17 July 2006 (UTC)

Using the picture here Edit

I've copied it to the page on our Green World Trust website [1]which gives a brief overview of Permaculture. It seems not just courtesy to let you know, but also, growing by cooperation (a P. principle of course). Fired by the dire imminency of Peak Oil, I'm motivated to STRATEGIZE ie have "portal pages" that one comes to first, with everything essential in one place to lead thru introductions to more details. Portal pages with PICTURES that capture the essence like sacred icons and are nice to live with. Do have a look at our website and get inspired. Thanks for the pic. Lucy Skywalker 09:20, 21 December 2007 (UTC)