Rainbow Trading is an currency system based on Nature's laws and designed to support a sustainable living.


Users of Rainbow Trading are encouraged to do the following:

  • recycle as much as possible
  • keep energy use low
  • get into balance, not infinite growth
  • decentralised publishing of the money
  • focus on responsibility, not ownership

In contrast to most other economic systems, Rainow Trading has based its values upon Sunflower Oil.


Everything has a value equal to its value in nature, speaking in terms of recycling and energy. How? We use different measurements for different measures. Quality counts, not just quantity. There are 3 groups, each represented in a different colour.

  • Red: Energy (love, light, food, work, fuel) is all counted as Red.
  • Green: Material which is constantly recycled. Food, Compost, Manure.
  • Blue: Material which has gotten outside its cycle. Usually this is whatever has been exhausted or dumped.

1 (One) of each colour corresponds to 100 gram of Sunflower oil. 1 Red is the Energy in 100 gram oil. 1 Green and 1 Blue both are 100 grams of material.

This way, all participants in an economic system (producers, consumers, reducers) will see the benefit in keeping-cycles-small and full recycling.


Rainbow Trading is a concept written by Barry Voeten. In 2006 the book (In Dutch) Een evenwichtige Economie (Balanced Economics) was published, describing the system for the most part.


In 2007, the online advertising and payment system for Rainbow Trading will become available.

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