The Swale Diggers' - by Sandra StorrEdit

Written during a period when Sandra and Fred were digging swales by hand (using just a spade). There were times when it was hard to find the motivation and the energy to carry on!

There once was a couple from Wales
Who had since left the hills and the vales
On their 5 acre plot
They were planting the lot
So they read about digging some swales

They did some research on the “Net”
And learned how to keep the soil wet
“A good thing” they deducted
If swales were constructed
These ditches could be our ‘best bet’

The swales would collect mulch and rain
And be worth all the toil and the pain
The system should flourish
As trees it would nourish
And never need watering again

A meter wide and six inches deep
On the downside they made a big heap
So that each shallow trough
stops erosion and run-off
And all the soil nutrients they’d keep!

Digging with pickaxe and spade
Their energy sadly did fade
The pair must relax
Rest their poor aching backs
They’re all done for now, I’m afraid!

Waiting' - by Sandra StorrEdit

All about waiting to get a project completed as we all often are forced to do. Sometimes there's never enough hours in the day. On this project, it was the ducks who were as anxious as anyone for the project to be fulfilled!

For a while they’ve had to hope and await
The time when they’d see the sails rotate
Turning the Compressor for the creation
Of bubbles for the pond aeration

The pieces were laid out on the Verandah
Waiting for attention from Fred and Sandra
They were too busy to get it made
So there sat the pieces, the tail and the blade.

At last the windmill was put together
Then they had to wait for the weather
A gentle breeze at last did arrive
Thousands of bubbles to keep the pond alive

For some, the waiting goes on I’m afraid
They gaze through the fence and long to wade
When the digging is done and pond full to the brim
At last those ducks will enjoy a swim!

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