Foundation Wadden Art is one of the first initiatives, founded by artists who combines art and permaculture in projects with a rural sociological basis.

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For 2010 Wadden Art organises an art and permacultural art project on Mnadoe, the smallest island in Denmark, in the Wadden Sea.

Artists, permaculturalists and scientists will work in a joint project to create works of art from the permacultural point of view.

Call for artists and permaculturalistsEdit

To whom it may concern; Call for Artists for “Any Questions?”. Foundation WaddenArt organises for Mandoe, Denmark, within the Vadehavsfestival 2010 an art project which aims at art from the permacultural point of view. Please visit the link:

We would be grateful if you would help to pass this link to who might be interested to participate.

With kind regards, Stan Coenders;

Let us know your opinion about such projects; can they serve to help develope viewpoints for small communities? Can they contribute in sustainable living? Do you know of such projects?

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