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The Organic Living Party (OLP) ( - Official Web site (in development)) is a political party in Seattle. OLP is developing and collaborating with other organizations and events in the Seattle area. Currently, OLP is producing World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) Seattle, Hemp Ride, Naked Pumpkin Run Seattle and Jaybird Run. OLP is, in part, a revival of the German Lebensreform movement. OLP is looking for collaborative partners in staging a sustainability arts festival in Seattle.

See also our Naked Wikia page

Sustainability arts festival proposalEdit

Areas of focusEdit

Contact infoEdit

If you are interested in joining OLP please send your full name and full address including the name of the county you reside to Daniel Johnson at:


Recommnended linksEdit

  • The BCollective is a rural-based umbrella organization dedicated to promoting wholistic understanding and revisioning of sustainable community, and providing the means for its practical implementation through active crosspollination between the arts and sciences. the BCollective aims to blend arts practice, teaching and performance with permaculture principles in order to build a thriving, commonsense model of community.

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