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Hello All,

Just to let you know, Alex Kash will be performing with (and leading) the band 'Grateful' this coming Sunday, September 27th, at the Columbia Nursery in their Garden Cafe. The concert is part of a series of performances with particular themes. This month's theme is 'The Miracles Concert', and the band has certainly grown musically and otherwise over the last 6 scheduled concerts in Columbia. Grateful's music is conscious, positive, danceable, original and popular, acoustic, and decidedly not loud! This is an opportunity to hear Alex's original songs done beautifully by an excellent band! Alex's material is conscious, healing music, and his background and focus is on Organic Gardening/Farming, Sustainable Living and Spiritual Permaculture. Start time for the concert is 1pm and the poster is attached here for further information. You can hear Alex Kash's music on Pandora and Rhapsody, and buy Alex's 10 CD's of original songs on Apple iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and other internet sites. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Love and blessings to you and yours,

Alex and Bethany

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