A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You is a not-for-profit ecovillage network organization based in Olympia, Washington, USA. The collective was founded in 2005 and operates an Educational Center for Activism, Urban Sustainability and a Center for Community Organizing.

In 2005, the A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You collective created a mission statement to form a network of educational ecovillages with access to everyone.

This so-called Ecovillage operates as a rooming house, with high rents and and an autocratic, authoritarian, paternalistic individual who goes by " T", in total control. He is a Capitalist, profiting from charging high rents. There is no consensus and no voice for residents. Renters are subject to sudden illegal evictions with no warning. Deposits are not returned. Women residents are forced to keep coffee makers in their bedrooms, and are generally powerless in this so-called "Women's Empowerment Community." Men are discouraged from renting here. One Woman was told that if she chose to take on a roommate to offset her $600.00 per month rent, it would be an extra $200.00 per month and that she had to get a female roommate. The new roommate would be subject to a $250.00 trial week, prior to the start of the now $800 per month rent. The room smelled/smells of cat urine. This house is located at 113 18th Ave. SE, in the beautiful, historic Capital Neighborhood. It's a charming house with a nice garden and first impressions are quite deceptive. Residents are permitted no storage space, discouraged from cooking healthy food or composting in the garden bin, and not permitted to keep bicycles in the secure, dry garage, but rather forced to keep them in an open semi-covered potting area in the back yard. The kitchen is ill equipped and residents are given very limeted storage space for food or tools. The dishwasher is off limits to renters. The "Free School" is virtually defunct and this house has no affiliation with "Food Not Bombs." There's a lot of hype, but no content here. Activists and individuals seeking authentic community or collectivism should look elsewhere. Anyone checking on the information below will find that it is totally bogus. There is no collective or collective process in operation at this location. Members of A-Welcome-To-All: We Invite You Collective network worldwide with assistance from organizations such as Olympia Indymedia, the Olympia Zine Library, Olympia Free School, and Olympia Food Not Bombs.

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